Johan Hair Studio - Curly Hair Specialists

634 Highway 105, Palmer Lake, CO, 80133

Johan Hair Studio - Curly Hair Specialists

634 Highway 105

Palmer Lake, CO, 80133

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[05/01/20]   Welcome back dear friends! Johan Hair Studio is open for business!
Please rest assured that our salon is ready for you and we are making tremendous efforts to keep you safe and comfortable! Our state of the art air filtration system is one of the best in the industry and we have amped up our already stringent sanitation standards . Please call 719-488-2662 to make an appointment, we are anxious to catch up with you!
Studio 582 I know your roots are bad, I know your hair will be too long and you won't feel like yourself. I would love to go back to work but I can't, our industry can't. When you ask us what kind of color you will need and buy that store box color just remember your putting money into the big companies pocket while we small ones are suffering. There is no way to make income from our industry right now since we are hands on. When we can come back, please remember us and please don't blame us if we need to fix your hair and it will cost more.
Not only do we miss our income but we miss you. Our chats, laughter, tears, we share so much more than just a haircut. We are standing here united to stay safe but inside we are worried and stressed about our work being completely torn from us. We sit patiently waiting, like you, for answers or reassurance of some sort. With uncertain clarity, we hope and pray that you will be back to us soon and our industry comes back stronger than ever! 🙏
Please share and support your stylist. Help remember our hairstylist community as we stand not behind our chair right now, but united being safe through this pandemic.


#untilfuturenotice #behindthechair #supportyourhometown #covid19 #supportyourstylist #supportsmallbusiness
[03/20/20]   To all of our wonderful clients, I regret to inform you that, due to government mandate, all salons in Colorado are closed until April 30th. At this point, it is hard to comprehend not having that daily interaction with those we have come to care about in such a big way. You are not merely clientele, you are our dear friends. We hope and pray that you and your families will remain healthy during this trying time.
Please call the salon for information concerning rescheduling. We are also willing to deliver product to those of you who are local. We want you to continue using those healthy, truly organic products!
We will reopen the salon as soon as we can legally do so! in the meantime, back away from the scissors and the nasty box color! You can do this! 
Cathy and Emily
We are here for you at this critical time! Call us at Johan Hair Studio, at 719-488-2662 A little Friday Funny! 🤣 Seriously tho, don’t do it. We are here for you. ✂️🤖🌀#mopfactorysalon #moplove #curlsavvy #dontcutyourownhair #wegotyou #fridayfunny #freebangtrims
Johan Hair Studio - Curly Hair Specialists People Say This Hair-Care Product Causes Balding And Scalp Sores Have you heard about Monat? And they're suing.
Two clients, before and after Custom Curl Cut, silicone detox, and moisture treatment.
Do you know what FRIZZ is? All FRIZZ a Curl waiting to happen. All FRIZZ a Curl begging for MOISTURE. It's really that simple! At Johan Hair Studio, we will help you maximize your curl potential!
New style & highlights!
Before and after custom curl cut. No color procedure done! Look what a difference a detox from silicone, cleanse, hydration, and proper product application can do!
Mary has been an encouragement to many women who have wrestled with cancer. She is now in the process of dealing with growing out these curls! Ladies, you can have cute, stylish, healthy hair after chemo! Let us help you on your curly journey!
Curly girls understand!
This gorgeous Mama is embracing her natural curls! Check out the before and after!
Before and after
This was a before picture of a disastrous wet cut. The after photo is a dry cut.
We curly girls can have a variety of curl types! We have different levels of tightness and spring factor! This is why it is important to cut curly hair dry, and in a relaxed position, curl by curl, to prevent uneven results.
Such fun working with this little beauty's curls today! Stylists Come Together to Shift the Focus of Curly Hair Care Emily Ponce and Cathy Thompson have received much of their training through Curly Hair Artistry. By Wafaya AbdallahFrom Queen Cleopatra onward, long straight hair has reigned supreme among hairstyles, transcending cultures and eras. Curly heads had very few options, namely to straighten and iron flat or zealously gel the hair in order to coax it into being something it's not.
Gorgeous mermaid hair! Kylie's before and after Custom Curl Cut! Are you using cancer causing shampoo? At Johan Hair Studio, we only use the safest shampoos and conditioners, such as Innersense Organic Beauty!
Johan Hair Studio - Curly Hair Specialists My mentor, my friend, creator of the group Curly Hair Artistry, Scott Musgrave
Before and after! Custom curl cut, hydration therapy, and Innersense product set
I had the great pleasure and privilege of learning from Lorraine Massey! Author of Curly Girl Handbook, originator of the Deva Curl line, and inspiration to curly hair passionate artists here and abroad!
Johan Hair Studio - Curly Hair Specialists's cover photo
This little guy is just chillin at Johan Hair Studio today 18 Best Haircuts for Curly Hair Top curl stylists share the cuts they're loving right now.
Love these curly kids! 6 Things You NEED to Quit Doing for Better Curl Formation You're still brushing your hair?
Johan Hair Studio - Curly Hair Specialists's cover photo
Innersense Organic Beauty This is my friend Beverly Turner, in CA. She is a gifted curl specialist with a great knowledge of healthy hair care products! This week, we speak to Beverly of Hello Curls Salon about her journey to organics and her favorite Innersense Organic Beauty product... Can you guess what it is? 6 Signs Your Stylist Knows How to Cut Curly Hair There are amazing stylists who LOVE curls out there, you just have to know how to find them.
Funky cut and color by Emily P! Johan Hair Studio Salon space available!
Are you ready to run your own business, sell your own products, have all the advantages of a fully functioning salon, without the financial risks? If you are a talented stylist with a full clientele, this may be the right fit for you!
A Johan Hair Studio, we maintain a maximum of three full time stylists, to preserve a peaceful, relaxed atmosphere where our clients don't have to deal with the chaos of a noisy,crowded environment.
Our spacious, industrial chic salon is on the edge of Monument, just 2 minutes West of Safeway, on Hwy 105 at Illumination Point.
719-488-2662 Hair Salon for men women and children in Palmer Lake, Colorado.
Isn't he handsome!

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Johan Hair Studio - Curly Hair Specialists

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