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Sheriff Deputies I need everybody on our timeline that believes in the power of prayer to please stop what you’re doing, take a minute, and post this. We need to flood Facebook with nothing but prayer . Our people are hurting.
Lord, we need You! Please sweep through this nation and heal this land. Restore our strength, renew our minds, and cast out anything that's not of You.
In Your Son, Jesus' name, WE pray.🙏🏽🙏🏽
Hoping this is finding everyone very Healthy and Safe! Salon will be Open Next week. YAY! All Guest and I, are required to wear a mask until you leave the Salon(No mask No service, SORRY) gloves if you prefer. Please wait in you car and I will motion to you after I have sanitized my area. Thank you Micah Salon Opening - Sorry for the previous old email getting used to new software...Not very Tech Savy:) Hoping this is finding everyone very Healthy and Safe!!!! Letting you all know that so far the Salon will continue to be closed until the end of April. I have started booking Aprils appointments into May. In May,....

If you are wanting help with a temporary fix there are several things you can do to help camouflage your re-growth.
1. Do a zig-zag part where you part your hair. Still showing? Over
exaggerate the zig-zag...
2. Don't want to go out or spend any money!! Look through your makeup
and find an eyeshadow that looks closest to your hair color. Use a
shadow brush and load with shadow and press into roo/scalp where you
want to blend..
3. Go online or go to a Beauty store.. Pick out a spray or powder root touch-
up that best matches you hair color. There are so many to choose from
and you don't take the chance of permanently altering your previosly
colored hair.
This will save you alot of Money/Time in the long run as a Corrective Hair Coloring in the Salon STARTS from $200-$300.... Holistic Hair Tribe If you are running low on your Organic Hair Care products.

Here is a link to order on line
use discount code to save$5 and Free shipping $50 and more
[03/28/20]   Hello Everyone. Hoping this finds you all in Geat Health!!!
While I am waiting to see when the soonest Studio7 Organic Salon can Re-Open.
I am Selling Gift Certificates
every $100 will receive an additional $20 beauty Bucks $50 will receive $10 Beauty Bucks to use towards any Salon Service. You can pay through Venmo(micah-silva)/ Paypal([email protected] and select Friends & Family) or mail a Check. Once I receive payment I will mail you your GC.
If interested message or text me 303-875-1781
Thank You Micah Silva

[03/24/20]   I am so emotional and uncertain on what’s going on with our industry... Only trusting in God will provide me a path to help you, me and our families!! I thank God for all of you who are so loyal and support me!!! I so look forward to getting back to you and what I love!! Please stay well at home😘 until I see you again!! COVID-19 Response ~ -
[03/15/20]   For those of you that are not in a panic 🤭. and some special hair care is in need!?!
I have several openings this Monday Tuesday and Wednesday.. Salon is over Sanitized🤗 call or text me 303-875-1781
Timeline Photos 6 Signs You Need a Scalp Detox Treatment | Simply Organic Beauty Like your body, your scalp needs to be cleansed of impurities and toxins to function properly. Learn about scalp detox benefits and why you need to do it today. 7 Grooming Tips for a Better Hair Care Routine | Simply Organic Beauty Need help maintaining locks between appointment with your stylist? Check out our at-home hair tips and tricks that will keep hair shiny and lustrous year-round.
Pink balayage @ Studio 7 Organic Salon
Look what my daughter Arlaena is doing at inspire salon in Longmont Did these beauties lash lifts and tints today for their very first time; can you see the difference?😍 in 6-8 weeks I’ll be seeing them again for another lift & tint so they’re lashes will keep getting even longer and darker the more we do it!🤩 direct message me to set up an appointment in October!☺️
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[08/17/19]   How Do I know if My Hair is Damaged??
Here are some examples imbalance: When you comb your hair, if it doesn’t stretch at all, it snaps. This is a too much protein/not enough moisture situation. If your hair stretches and stretches when you comb, it also eventually snaps. This is a not enough protein/too much moisture problem. So, how does this play out on your own head of hair? Part one of two posts, this article is dedicated to demystifying protein and getting you back to healthy hair asap!

Diagnosing damaged hair: Why is my hair breaking?
If you are asking the “why is my hair breaking” question, then we first need to determine the level and cause of damage.

Diagnosing damaged hair:
The test for protein build up on hair.
“The way to tell the difference between too much protein in your hair and extremely damaged hair is pretty easy if you take a section of your hair, pull it taught, then drop a bead of water onto it from about one centimeter away.”

Here is a rundown of the results and what they mean:

Healthy hair:
Flops at the end + Repels a drop of water from a close distance.

Damaged/porous hair:
Stiff at the end + Soaks up the drop of water from a close distance.

Over proteinized hair:
Stiff at the end + Repels a drop of water from a close distance.

You can visually check as well. “If the hair feels like straw, that’s a good sign of damage. If there is too much protein deposited in the hair it loses elasticity. It becomes stiff, rigid, and therefore more susceptible to breakage under lesser amount of tension. Combine this with already damaged hair and it is a recipe for disaster.”
Leah was ready for a change
Studio 7 Organic Salon Studio 7 Organic Salon
Arlaena Silva Arlaena’s Aesthetics will SOON be offering an ACNE chemical peel! Perfect for acne scars, getting rid of even the most stubborn acne and preventing it!! Personally, I struggle with acne and Image Skincare’s acne peel has been a BLESSING you notice a difference just after one treatment! IMAGINE what six treatments could do! Message me to schedule!💜 and HAPPY FRIDAY!🙌🏼
Simply Organic Beauty Why you need Oway Rebuilding Treatment?

Chemical, mechanical and environmental stress damage the hair, making it weak and brittle. This summer, give your client’s hair extra insurance by having them experience the Oway North America Rebuilding Treatment.🌿

This restorative treatment supplies proteins, lipids, minerals and hydration to the hair, keeping it strong and healthy from the inside out 💪🏼 WATCH the video to see the difference!

Learn more through this link: 👈
Simply Organic Beauty Life is too short for boring hair! If you're a curly girl and need a new 'do, here are five, super-easy, DIY styles! You can thank us later 😉

Shop the products here: 👈
[05/03/17]   Come see me tomorrow for a complementary brow wax with any service! 💇
[02/01/16]   February Specials

* 10% off Color & Cut , when you add a brow wax to your
* Add Deep Conditioning Treatment to your hair
cut appointment FOR $10 ($30 value) New Scalp Treatment from Surface
What a transformation!!!
Lox 100% Remy human hair Extensions. Kaeli McNabb before and after her Hair extensions at Studio7Organics by Micah Silva. Thanks Kaeli!!
Just put LOX Human Hair Extensions in Brittany Wilkes hair Today. Turned out Awesome. Thanks Brittany.
[04/08/14]   April is the Last Month to receive 15% off the Keratin Protien Conditioning Straightening Treatment.. Your HAir doesn't have to be curly to have this done… If you suffer from Dry Frizzy Flyaway Hair, this will eliminate frizz and cut down you Styling time in 1/2..
Short Thick Coarse Hair $275 and Up
Short Medium Hair$225 and UP
Short Fine Hair $150 and up
Prices very depending on Length and Curl
By Ashley Mooney

If your clients silky locks that once laid soft and beautiful are now standing up at the root, fizzy, damaged and demanding attention, it may be time for a formaldehyde-free keratin treatment from Keragreen.

KeraGreen’s Keratin & Protein System is not a permanent straightening treatment, it is a complete hair restoration system with fantastic, smoothing results, that allows clients to still style their hair wavy or curly without the frizz!

Key Benefits of Keragreen Smoothing Treatment

Contains Natural and Organic Ingredients
Hair is Easy to Manage with Brush
Faster Drying Times with No Residue
Does not contain toxic ingredients, like formaldehyde or any -hydes
Eliminates Frizz
Softens Curls
Produces High Level of Shine
Seals in Color & Highlights
Contains Natural UV Protection
L-Cysteine Promotes Hair Growth & Reduces Hair Loss
“What if they get their hair wet or damp from rain, humidity, perspiration, etc?”

Let them know ahead of time that if this should happen to blow dry and flat iron the hair immediately. Also to aviod touch it too much. Too much oil from your hand may not be good.

“What if I tie my hair back or put it in a ponytail?

The Ponytail No-No: Yes, we know that the slicked back look let’s you work your inner beauty, but the combination can be deadly for your hair and can effect the result if done before the 3 to 4 days are up. The hair needs this time before they are able to put their hair up in any fashion.
“How often can I style my hair with heat?”

Excessive heat styling such as daily flat iron use, dries out the hair and may cause breakage. Keep in mind that the Keratin Protein & Maintenance Treatment is a great follow-up service that can be preformed in between treatments to extend the life of the service by infusing 60% of keratin back into the hair.

“Which hair care products can I use?”
This is crucial. Advise your clients to use the Keragreen’s specially formulated shampoo and conditioner. This will prolong the length of their service. However, if they refuse to purchase, be sure to tell them to purchase products without damaging sulfates and sodium hydroxide.
From her iconic “Rachel” layered hairstyle in the TV show, Friends, to today’s soft, a-line bob Jennifer Aniston’s hair is no stranger to the spotlight.

Her longtime Hair Stylist, Chris McMillan, helped her decide on the new haircut after she expressed a desire to, “do a big old chop, just to get it really healthy, to repair all the damage from hair coloring and stuff like that [Brazilian Blowout].”

After realizing the star cut her hair to remove excess damage, we concluded there are a few lessons to take away from Jennifer Aniston’s short haircut and mishap with Brazilian Blowout.

A whirlwind of controversy has circled treatments such as, Brazilian Blowout as early as 2005. This is due to the inclusion of formaldehyde in their product’s smoothing solution.

In 2011, the National Toxicology Program, an interagency program of the Department of Health and Human Services, named formaldehyde as a known human carcinogen.

There has been additional concern that once the product’s solution is heated near the scalp (necessary for application), formaldehyde can penetrate the scalp and hair follicle, causing irreversible damage to the cells responsible for hair growth.

Meaning, once the hair follicle is damaged, it will have difficulty growing hair, again.

“If Aniston wanted to maintain her enviable lustrous locks, she could have opted for a keratin treatment that is both formaldehyde-free and contains L-cystine, an amino acid that promotes hair growth,” says Organic Salon Systems’ Technical Director, Rebecca Gregory.

Lesson 1: Opt for a keratin treatment that is absent of formaldehyde, and promotes hair health. Ex Keragreen

“We are constantly up against this battle,” Gregory continues, “people use hair products that give their hair a temporary feeling of health and shine, but in reality, these products are just packed with petrochemicals and plastics that end up causing the hair to be dry and brittle in the long run.”

Lesson 2: Chemically-laden hair products give hair a false feeling of health, and damage strands more in the long run.

Jennifer Aniston’s Brazilian Blowout-induced haircut reminds us that once hair has been damaged beyond repair, it will need to be trimmed (yes, sometimes that trim can be up to 6+ inches).

If severely damaged hair goes uncut, the hair strands will eventually split completely in half and fall out at the root.

Which brings us to our final lesson:

Lesson 3: Damaged hair will have to be cut in order to prevent hair fall and promote healthy hair growth.
[03/05/14]   March- April
* Organic Spray Tanning 3 for $65 reg. $75
* 50% off any style product when you buy Any
Simply Organic wash & rinse
* 15% off Keratin Protien Staightening Treatment

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