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[09/15/20]   The world’s easiest online booking hedzep. com
It's hot. Let's cool off!
See you soon. Book 24/7 hedzep.com
Cooling off
John ready for the Fourth!
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[06/21/20]   Open!

Visit hedzep.com
[04/02/20]   OPEN MAY 01
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Time for a haircut? Stop by!
Always Open, except Monday
Just a beautiful time of the year! Our thriving Downtown Loveland district is the perfect place to find unique finds and art from local artists, artisans and businesses. And those holiday lights are 😍.


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[11/27/19]   Happy Thanksgiving! See you Friday!
youtube.com First Ever Zeppelin Ski Drop Everyone needs a break now and then. Watch the first Zeppelin ski drop. Gets you pumped to hit the slopes! 3 riders and One Zeppelin - this is the first ever Zeppelin Skiing Drop! Big mountain freerider Fabian Lentsch teams up with the two alpinists Stefan Ager an...
A taper fade with a full style on top is very popular. Stop in and let's get started.
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[11/10/19]   Closed Veterans Day, Nov 11th
[10/29/19]   Get in here. It's cold outside!
The Zeppelin has landed!
I Love Loveland I’m humbled Rian has endorsed me. MAKE SURE YOUR VOTE COUNTS!!!
If you live in Ward IV please be aware that Rian Fierros has dropped out of the race, but his name was already printed on ballots. If you vote for Rian your vote won't be counted. As long as you haven't turned in your ballot yet, you can vote for one of the other two candidates, or if you voted for Rian but haven't turned in your ballot yet you can get a replacement ballot by contacting the Larimer County clerk and recorder. Or after October 28th you can get a replacement ballot at any of the voter services and polling centers.
Please spread the word as we want people's votes to count! You can help more people see this post by giving it a like, comment and/or share!

Here are some helpful links!

You can check what Ward you are in using this map: http://thelogicsystem.maps.arcgis.com/apps/OnePane/basicviewer/index.html

Or lookup your Ward by address at: https://maps.cityofloveland.org/ilogic/ilogic.html

Check your voter registration, update your address, register to vote or read up on the candidates an issues at: www.vote411.org

Learn more about Ward IV candidate Bill Jensen at: https://www.facebook.com/electbilljensenward4/

Learn more about Ward IV incumbent candidate Don Overcash at: https://www.facebook.com/donovercashloveland/

Loveland Reporter-Herald "Myers added that anyone who has already voted for Fierros will not be able to vote again for another Ward IV candidate, although the rest of their ballot remains valid.

Those who voted for Fierros but have not submitted their ballot can request a replacement by contacting Myers’ office or, starting Oct. 28, by visiting any voter service and polling center.

Incumbent Don Overcash and challenger Bill Jensen remain in contention for the seat. Fierros has endorsed Jensen."

At Head Zeppelin I'll have you looking sharp for that interview, family visit or special date. It's easy to stay ontop of your haircuts with my shop being right downtown between Dickens Alley and Henry's Pub. See you soon - let's get you looking sharp.
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If you need something a little different - I can do it! Stop in for a cut or trim on Friday - I'm off with Motorcuts today on Thursday. Thanks - Bill
Starting at 7:30 pm on Saturday evening the 19th is the Ghostbusters movie at The Foundry. Bundle up - Grab some grub from Henry's Pub and make it an evening picnic. Gotta ♥ our City of Loveland Events! Click through for details. ♫ Who ya gonna call? ♫ (Share this and get a group going!)

Free Parking
The Zeppelin has landed The Zeppelin has landed Same place, new business. Bill is cutting hair six days a week, closed Thursdays. Please click on the above location.... Have a good day.
Got my first official Review as Head Zeppelin! Got my first official Review as Head Zeppelin! Had a great Dad & Son duo in the barber shop last Saturday and I cut their hair. Mom left a great review. I so appreciate the 5 star review. Thank you for your support.

Reviews help others find me - It's very important with the use of folks using cell phones to find a great barber! So cool. Thank you again!
g.page Head Zeppelin Barbershop would love your feedback Your review means the world to me! As a new business, just starting out with the name Head Zeppelin, I'd appreciate a google review to help the business get found a bit faster with searches. If you could take a moment to review I'd really aprreciate it! Thank you - Bill. Just click through g.page/headzeppelinbarber/review g.page Post a review to our profile on Google
Thinking of starting your beard for the cooler weather? I'll help you maintain it! Stop by Head Zeppelin located between Dicken's Alley and Henry's Pub and I'll be right with you - no appointment needed. I'm open today from 9 - 5, Wednesday but I am closed on Thursdays so stop in today.
With Fall weather upon us, Head Zeppelin is ready to help you navigate from summer styles to fall. Getting ready for a beard? I can help get you started. Come and visit Head Zeppelin. I'm Bill Jensen and I'm honored to be your hometown Barber here in Loveland, Colorado. I look forward to your next visit!

Head Zeppelin Barber Shop is here! Barber Bill Jensen is ready for your cut or trim. Same great location. Stop by and freshen up your look today.
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