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On this full moon Halloween night I have taken time to burn sage and meditate to cleanse my soul. I am being called to take a social media cleanse. See you in 2021 beautiful humans❤ If you are interested in my offerings to keep community and connection going or to reach out please visit my website

❤Stay strong and well mind, body, soul.
Only you know what you need and how to heal yourself. You hold the power and no one can take it away with out your permission❤

#youholdthepower #peaceout

Jewelry by @interiorsinbalance
Photo credit:Nick P.
Happy Halloween! As I let my inner child out to play by dressing up, today I enjoy celebrating death. Death of the leaves, death of a season as a new one invites us to let old stories and habits die so we can move forward and grow. I also reflect on those who have passed and honor their life. Death or ending can be hard to face. I trust that is is necessary for things to end and die in order for new beginnings and growth to come! As the end of this year 2020 approaches I am so excited for the clarity and growth that will follow.

Tonight I encourage you to set an intention for the next season Winter. Mine is to keep community and connection going. I have an incredible tribe of people that surround me and my intent is to participate in keeping us strong and supported.

Photocredit:Nick P.
Jewelry: @Interiorsinbalance

#dayofthedead #growth #death #ending #beginning #innerchild #halloween #play #clairity #findyourtribe
A powerful full moon is tomorrow! Put your crystals outside to charge and join us for Full Moon Yoga at Taspens tomorrow from 6:30-8:00pm Sign up at

#taspenshealingcenterconifercolorado #fullmoon #yoga #recharge #celenite

Crystal by @interiorsinbalance
Photocredit Nick P.
Join us for Full Moon Yoga this Friday! Sign up at
Who is interested in a Zoom Yoga Class to get ready for ski and snowboard season!?

#yoga #getfit #strong #ski #snowboarding #legday #letsdothis #winteriscoming #snow
Curious about getting started meditation and yoga? Check out my YouTube channel! I am your personal yoga guide that offers a variety of private classes virtually or in person! Reach out for the link to my latest beginner yoga video!

#beginneryoga #yoga #getonyourmat #selflove #try somethingnew #peace #love #move #comehometoyourself #yogaguide #wellness #mindfulness
Fun fact: if you drink decaf coffee have you ever wondered how they get the caffeine out of the bean? Sometimes it involves a chemical process. The natural way is called the Swiss Water Process. They soak the green bean until 99% of the caffeine is extracted with out chemicals! Check your coffee label to find out what your favorite brand does. I love Kicking Horse Coffee. Their dark roast decaf is organic, roasted in Canada, and awesome ☕

I am loving the online nutrition program through Denver Integrative Massage School! I am learning so much.

#kickinghorsecoffee #organic #darkroastdecaf #yummy #fallvibes
#mindbodyspirit #balance #healthylifestyle #denverintegrativemassageschool
Feeling the good vibes of fall🍂
Jewelry by @interiorsinbalance
#fallvibes #sundayfunday #rosequartz #celenite #beautifulday #peace #love #joy #shift #grateful
Good morning 🌞 Check out a quick morning practice for all levels on my YouTube channel! You can even do it in your bed!
In this season of change what is your truth calling you to shift? We can get tied up in stories our mind creates. The story could be fueled by not wanting to hurt feelings or denial of things we may not want to face. These are questions I have been pondering and maybe you can find clairity by asking the same....
What is my ego less truth?
What stories can I change to get out of my own way?
With out the influence of others including media, what do I feel is right for me?
What would I do if I could not fail?
What is the first step toward my true hearts desire?
Comment thoughts below❤
Fall is here! Fall is like coming home after the busy Summer. It calls us to gather what we have grown both in the garden and in your journey as a human. It invites us to reconnect with ourselves and those we may have lost touch with. A time to slow down and reflect. It may feel rebellious to take time for you. I dare you;) See what happens when you do. You may notice who supports you in loving yourself and where you might need to create boundries. You may also noticed how powerful you are and by choosing self love reflects everything that surrounds you. As the leaves shed so do we. This is an opportunity to create boundaries, declutter, shed unhealthy habits, etc. What do you want to let go of this Fall? What do you intend to bring forth as we transition into the stillness of Winter?
In my personal journey I am choosing to shift my career. Letting go of resistance to following my souls purpose. As a healer I am finally diving into what that looks like. I am currently in school for Nutrition and starting Massage School in January! I am excited to understand the body at a deeper level to help me as a yoga teacher and to use these healing hands of mine even more to make a difference in the world. Touch, connection, love, and healing are so important right now. I look forward to learning more tools to share it all!
#fall #shed #declutter #restore #shift #selflove #loveyourself #massage #nutrition
SUP YOGA is a great physically distant activity to connect with your peeps outside. Book your private class before warm summer mornings like this turn into fall🍂
#supyoga #connection #playwithfriends #zen #peace #water #gowiththeflow #coloradomorning #bluesky #laborday #play #grateful #summer #sundayfunday Group racing to raise $10M to preserve iconic Crystal Mill before potential sale Help save this beautiful place where I teach retreats! Crystal Mill Foundation is working to raise $10M to preserve the historic structure near Aspen before potential sale.
The retreat I lead at Crystal Mountain Ranch was pure magic. Thanks for watching. Reach out for tips to create your own retreat experience! Sign up at for future offerings! #namaste #yogaretreat #crystalmountainranch #crystalmill #yoga #tribe #love #connection #peace #disconnect #support #keepyourvibehigh
I am so excited to be heading up to Crystal Mountain Ranch to lead another yoga retreat! I will be off grid for 5 days. I look forward to many laughs, lots of peace, and leading everyone back to their roots. I encourage you to find time to do the same😉 What helps you find peace, laughter, and grounding? #crystalmill #crystalmountainranch #yogaretreat #supyoga #peace #offgrid #disconnect #grateful #yoga #findyourroots #grounded #escape #selflove #treepose #connection
Let's meditate! This is a great tool that you can use through everyday. I hope you find time to practice the pause and find peace today❤
I biked a 14er today! 5 years ago I didn't think anything like this was possible. I was the most sick I have ever been in my life for almost a year wondering if I would ever figure it out. I could barely get out of bed and make it through the day because I was so fatigued. The only time I felt OK was when I didn't eat so I was very under weight with a digestive system that was severely struggling.

We truly hold our trauma in our body. Stress triggered me to become ill. Once I discovered how important diet and yoga was I quit gluten, dairy, caffeine, and alchohol, then signed up for yoga teacher training. I felt better within 48 hours after almost a year of being sick. I now feel like I am in a completely different body that continues to get stronger the more I continue to make healthy choices. I wanted to share my journey because choosing self love and making healthier choices changed my life.

We all have trauma we are processing. The more we choose self care/love can help us work through things. When we choose to do so the ripples of our decisions effect our reality and the people in our lives. That experience was one of the hardest things to go through but ended up being one of the best shifts of my life. If life is feeling hard I encourage you to get excited about the positive shifts coming!

Until then I am your personal yoga guide that can help you find your practice that could assist you in getting through the hard moments in this beautiful journey of life😊 open air and virtual private classes available. For more info visit

#bike #14er #selflove #selfcare #healthychoices #yogaisalifestyle #yoga #chooseyou #love #breathe #lifeisgood #graditude #thegreatestwealthishealth #fitness
Meditation Meditation is such a powerful tool that can bring more peace and less stress into your life. Reach out for your custom meditation practice! Sign up at to be inspired and informed of more offerings😊
I am your personal yoga guide that will travel to you! Open air classes are great for us to create a yoga sequence to fit your needs and abilities, or get some friends/family together for a socially distant yoga class that will help everyone find more balance in life. There is yoga for everyBODY. I teach all ages and abilities including baby and kids yoga. IM me for details or reach out at where you can stay informed of future offerings🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️
#yoga #findyouryoga #balance #selflove #personalpractice #findpeace #yogaguide #allages #allabilities #openair #namaste
If you are struggling with happiness try connecting with your inner child and play pretend. Maybe if you pretend to be happy your thoughts may allow you to fake it until you become it😉
Welcome to Peace Tree Studio. It is opening day in the new space! I strive to create a grounding, safe, and calm energy when you arrive. I not only view myself as a day maker behind the chair but also a healer.

At Sola Salons we are able to provide the safest salon experience during this time. You receive a private one on one service that allows us to keep the space as sanitary as possible and to express yourself fully. Peace Tree Studio now has an air filter delivering new clean air in the space every 20 min.

My goal is for you to relax and rejuvenate. You will receive a lovely scalp massage and clean eye cloth with essential oil during your shampoo. Paraffin wax to moisturize your hands is available. Healing crystals are strategically placed around you as well.

Not only will you feel healed but your hair will too. I use exclusively LANZA Healing Haircare and I am your healthy hair specialist. I have years of experience and keep up on my education as a stylist. For pricing and more offerings visit

#solasalons #hairdresserlife #lovewhatyoudodowhatyoulove #ilovemyclients #hair #salon #heal #beheard #relax #loveyourhair #lanzahealinghaircare
Peace Tree Studio moved into a beautiful new salon space! I can't wait to share it with you❤ More updates coming soon. Stay informed at

#salon #solasalons #livingthedream #create #believe #dream #ilovemyjob #ilovemyclients #hairdresserlife #daymaker #beautiful #hair #lanzahealinghaircare #lanza #change #growth #happy #newbeginnings #shinyhair #haircut #shorthair
[06/17/20]   I have lost my phone! please reach out on messenger if you need me!
Peace Tree Studio opens tomorrow! I look forward to catching up and taking care of you!
Here is what to expect.....

-The front doors will be locked at all times. Please wait for me to come greet you with an air hug 6ft away🤗

-Everyone is required to wear a mask at all times. Award goes to the most creative mask with an air five🖐

-I had no idea I would become a nurse within my career but I am required to take your temperature before entering the building. A temperature 100.4 or over is a sign to reschedule at least 2 weeks later. I will then log it for Sola and the State of Co.

-I take sanitation seriously and will be taking extra time between appointments to disinfect the salon.

-You will get to enjoy a private 1 on 1 experience since only 1 stylist and client are allowed at a time. Family and friend's must wait in the car until it is their turn. Children are an exception.

-I love offering beverages, eye pillows, hand massages, and paraffin but are not allowed at this time. A great scalp message will have to do😉

-Cash or check are a great way to pay to avoid touching transaction equipment.

Thank goodness you can finally get your hair done! Thank you so much for your loyalty and patience🙏
Peace Tree Studio
Peace Tree Studio
I am beyond grateful for my clients and their patience during this time. I am a part of such an amazing industry that delivers healing touch and our art continues to make an impact after our clients leave the chair. I get to be with people during the best times of their life and support them through the worst. Being a hairapist is not easy but it is a way I fulfill my Dharma. If you have been uplifted by an experience from me please send me a testimonial❤ You can also reach out on my website

To my tribe of hairapists out there the count down is on! May 1st in Colorado🤞Keep finding inspiration. Heal your body and fill your cup how ever that looks for you. Let's help the world recover 1 client at a time💕

#hairapist #dontcutyourbangs #patience #gratitude #salonlife #inspire #lanzalove
I am excited to get creative with hair in the salon again. Fingers crossed that we reopen May 1st🤞#reopening #salon #salonlife #creative #model #funhair #photoshoot #lanza #solasalons #ilovemyclients #hairartist
The eyes of unconditional love 💕 Every moment we have a choice to live in love or fear. This lil guy always reminds me to choose love. #furbaby #dogdays #unconditionallove❤️ #love #doglife #joy #chooselove
What have you been dreaming about during this time to pause and reflect? You have the key to the gate of manifestation. You have the power to get out of your own way.
These times might be shining a light on your shadows forcing lessons to bubble up to the surface that are usually easy to push away with our busy lives.
The time is NOW! I believe in you! Go for it! Feel it! What ever is coming up you are ready for! Only you have the answers and I support you in what it takes to believe in yourself❤
#selflove #dream #followyourheart #believe #trust #feel #power #peace #love #travel
What a beautiful morning! #grateful #peace #colorado #goodmorning #nature
Known as the birthplace of Gautama Buddha. One of the most sacred places I have visited. This tree is where Siddhartha achieved enlightenment. Known as the tree of awakening. The energy as I touched the tree was like nothing else. I took it as a reminder to find your roots. When your reality feels crazy what grounds you?
For me it's going inward. As if my body is a temple. Sacred, and the place where all of the love and answers I seek live. It may look like meditation, yoga, dance, or an experience in the woods. When we can find our roots we can rise! The deeper your roots are the more you become unshakable. I invite you to take time to connect with yourself. You are powerful! Lets grow and rise together! Like roots of the beautiful aspen trees. Connected, beautiful, and strong. #grounded #roots #roottorise #yoga #buddha #nepal #lumbininepal🇳🇵 #meditation #love #peace #enlightenment #bliss #innerguidence #sacred
Shiva's Cave Nepal. A place underground to connect with Lord Shiva's evergy that creates, protects and transforms the universe. I am devoting my yoga practice today to Shiva and all of you❤ #mahadev #shiva #nepal #yoga #meditation #transformation #devotion #creation #thegreatestwealthishealth #stayhealthy #love #peace #practice
Hattori Hanzo Shears Some advice for those who don’t have their hairstylist during this time... .
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Donation based Yoga today @ Golden Ballet Theater!

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