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If you’re saving all your kitchen magic for Thursday here’s your reminder that you can be a damn HERO by ordering out and helping to save small businesses!

@the49th_denver is still open for pick-up and their food is AMAZING. Somehow their fries stay crispy even doing takeout, the burgers are so juicy and the love they pack into every meal is unmatched!

The restaurant industry has taken hit after hit this year. If you’re still employed and are able please please please consider doing take-out once a week or every other week.
#beaheroorderaburger #savesmallbusiness
This week my 5 year old told me he was “really worried Christmas would be cancelled this year”...

We usually don’t decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving but in an effort to prove to our little guy that no one can take away Christmas Duke almost flung himself off the roof getting our exterior lit and I broke my own rules indoors with the trees & tinsel every-effing-where. I regret nothing, my little Grinch heart grew three sizes today.
What seam?

#handtiedextensions #underthehood
“Children are so resilient”

That’s what I keep hearing about all of this. All the changes they’re living through. All they’ve lost.

And they are resilient... to a point. They’re also sad and scared and grieving the loss of their normal. Their concerns are not for their finances, small business closures, political agendas, or positive case numbers.

Their concerns are for missing their friends, their teachers, not having a proper birthday party or being allowed to play with all the people they’d like to. And those concerns are valid too. In their little worlds that’s the big stuff. They’re tired and stressed and it’s starting to wear them down and manifest in different ways.

My 7 year old has been a rockstar sleeper since he was 4 weeks old. In the last month we have dealt with sleepwalking, night terrors and minor insomnia because he can’t fall asleep even though he’s exhausted. The best medicine for us has just been to snuggle up in my bed and ride out the storm til morning.

I don’t really have a point here except to say that if you’re dealing with something that isn’t “normal” for your kid, you’re not alone. I’m here too. Your kid is still resilient. And so are you Mama.

#pandemicfatigue #pandemicparenting
Last “Mom & Dudes 48 Date” (#firewifelife) for a while... my heart aches for small businesses especially restaurants right now.

Remember you can still eat out for 2 more days and don’t forget to TIP- I’m talking 50% and higher y’all, these servers are staring back down the barrel of forced unemployment again.

I’ll have a post with links to all your recommendations on how and with whom we can #shopsmall this Christmas.

#savesmallbusiness #tipliketheirlivesdependonit #becausetheydo
Please don’t take me out of the proverbial frying pan and throw me into the fire.

*Oh here she goes again...*

No one is saving small business from anything by throwing them into financial ruin. And apparently this isn’t as common as it should be anymore but I would rather work than take another government handout or file for unemployment again if I can avoid it.

My numbers speak volumes. I am not contributing to the spike. I am a safe, clean and essential place of business.

*hushed murmers* How dare she say that getting a damn haircut is essential?!

I’ll say it again. At this stage of the game, Now that we know more, now that I’ve effectively proven I can operate with a zero transmission rate, now that we’ve seen how damaging a full metal lockdown is: My small business is essential.

My small business is essential in so many ways. You want the government to provide more assistance? I know everyone snapped up those stimulus checks and unemployment overpayments in a hurry. If you want there to be more assistance for the people who actually need it you need to help keep small business open. You need small business generating revenue and paying taxes (to the tune of 30some% if you were curious 💸). You need the economy to keep churning to keep the wheels of this whole big machine greased. Yea yea I know everyone is anti-capitalism these days. But you like to eat right? You like having electricity and clothes and shoes on your feet yea? Then you still need commerce to function whether you morally abhor the principle of it or not.

And while we are at it you know what else is essential about my small business? Human connection. I am not in the business of vanity I’m in the business of self confidence. I’m in the business of caring and connecting. I’m in the business of helping your outsides match your insides. I smooth split ends and anxious hearts. I cover gray hairs while helping to bear burdens. I transition chemo cuts back into confident cuts. I’ve given first haircuts, wheel chair haircuts, hospital haircuts and final hospice haircuts. And damnit if every single one wasn’t essential.

Please support in fighting another shut down. #savesmallbusiness
Feels like we maybe all need this reminder. You wouldn’t stay on til the end of the line if you realized you’d gotten on the wrong train would you? No, you’d grab the next exit and reroute your course using a new series of “right” trains.
You don’t have to stay on the train just because you originally thought you did. You can hop off and learn about new trains at any moment.
Are we really talking about trains here? You know we aren’t. Use that brain and take a good hard look at the train you’re on.
Seamless hand tied extensions on deck today 😍
We don’t know them all but we owe them all 🇺🇸
Thank you.
Moonstone 🌚
This little free neighborhood library in the Yaleborhood brought to you by COVID-19.
I’m so grateful for all the silver linings. One of them being how much more tight knit our already close neighborhood has become. We are family now. All because of this roller coaster ride of a year.
Will built her and D&Z helped dig the hole to set her in cement, Lucyann and I painted her, and countless people have already given and taken stories from her. I don’t know why she’s a her that’s just what we call her.
This little house full of words and worlds, made of extra scraps that others might call trash is filled with so much love from our little neighborhood. We are all so different, but we are community all the same.
Great hair is self care. #peaceloveandgoodhairdays
Call me crazy, but...

You can’t sell me these brilliant ideas like draining the swamp (❤️) & a total systemic revolution (💙) and then tell me the answer lies in choosing one of two options born of that same broken system/swamp. (Did yall even realize you at your core basically want the same thing?)

You can’t rally me on the idea that we are so anti-hate that we have to hate anyone who disagrees with us (💙).

In that vein you can’t flame broil one candidate for inappropriate & hurtful comments while you excuse the other for alarmingly similar inappropriate & hurtful comments just because you like him better (❤️💙, yes both of you).

You can’t claim to take the moral, ethical or Christian “higher ground” while standing for a bully (❤️).

You can’t sell me both the Robinhood Theory & Equality for ALL in the same breath (💙).

You can’t declare that we take in the worlds “tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free” FREE LIKE US and then build an impassable wall (❤️).

We’re better than this bait & switch every 4 years. I’m from the generation that said “yes we WILL carry a calculator in our pockets everyday.” I believe in us. I believe in us so much I’m willing to let you call me crazy.
You want a revolution? Here’s your chance. If any of this resonates with you and you’ve been torn apart by the “lesser of two evils” conundrum do yourself a major favor. Drop the blind party loyalty. Break out of the matrix. Let’s rock this vote. When I say lean you LEAN.

#normalizethirdpartyvoting #novoteiswasted #libertarianAF
Insert corny 🌽 caption about how much I like this dude

#awwshucks #seewhatididthere🌽
Back in a while. Or not. I’m sure the world will keep turning either way. ✌🏼🖤 My phone number is on the website if you need me or wanna be real life fraaaands.

Happy Birthday to my oldest child 😆

I’m so glad you got borned. Alllllllllll those many many many years ago.

Cheers to another revolution. The world is lucky to have your happy go lucky, quick to smile, servants heart of gold. And we are the luckiest.

Loves you 🖤
Check yourself before you wreck yourself.
This year has been one hell of a decade. It’s taken it’s toll on all of us in one way or another. We are not all in the same boat but we are all weathering the same storm.
This year has dragged us around and chewed us up and spit us out, and the grande finale is yet to even take the stage.
Whatever happens this last quarter of the year, don’t let it change you into something angry, bitter and cold. Don’t let it fracture your heart so deeply that you lose people who would love to help you mend it. Don’t drive yourself til the wheels fall off. Check your heart. The warning light is on.
I flat out refuse to call this color trend “mushroom brown” - honestly Pinterest what kind of name is that?! But this colorrrrr! I love glossing down a blondie for fall 😍

So what SHOULD we call this color? Drop your suggestions in the comments for me!
Guess what day it is? Guess. What. Day. It. IS.
#octoberinmyveins #4thsandersonsister
Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s @babe_hair hand tied extensions 😍

My cousin and I do this really neat thing where we discuss our differences of politically charged opinions with nothing but respect & compassion for one another as a human. We have discussed just about every hot button issue you can imagine and we still always end up with a text exchange like this afterward. EVEN WHEN WE DISAGREE! Tell the internet that you don’t have to hate someone you disagree with.

Some of you have noticed my lashes lately and I’m here to answer all the questions.

I recently discovered @lashify lashes and I’ve really been enjoying wearing them a few days a week (especially days I know I’ll be in a mask quite a bit, the lashes make me feel like I’m still pretty under there 😷🤷🏼‍♀️)

They take hardly any time to apply and they last several days for me. From the reviews other people seem to have them last even longer but I think my Peloton rides are too sweaty for that to be achievable for me 😂🥴💦

I have been wearing them on and off for almost a month and have seen zero damage, had no trouble removing them and had no trouble learning to apply them straight out of the box.

If you want to order them and would like help choosing the length and style for your eye shape let me know I would love to help!

As usual #notsponsored they have no idea who I am and I bought them with my own cash money. Just sharing some goods I’ve been liking.


This photo tells you about 87% of everything you need to know about me as a person. If it’s made of dog I’m gonna squish it’s face 😍 🐶

#notmine #mustlovedogs
Brudders 🍨
VelcroBaby strikes again
There’s a poem that circulates the internet every so often that I avoid reading past the second line like the plague because it cuts me to the core.

It’s something to the effect of cherishing all the little moments that can sometimes feel tedious like brushing their hair, picking them up, them falling asleep in your arms etc. because you never know when it’s going to be the last time and suddenly they’re “too big” for that. Mamas, you know the one.

I’m pretty sure this guy will still be crawling into my lap until he’s taller than me, but I’m ok with that.

Copper Sunset Molten Lava Pumpkin Spice Shiny Penny ™️

#solasalons #balayage #copperhair #redhead
Foilayage Foil-Pulls got me like 🤤

#thatblendtho #foilayage #processingporn #processperfect
Never Forget #343
I know pumpkin spice is everyone’s jam but I’m more of a butterscotch fan myself 🤤

#fallhair #butterscotchbalayage #psl #sweaterweather
Apply cold water to that burn, Babe.

#boomroasted #dadjokes
⭐️7 months in a ROW⭐️
I cried the whole first hour of the drive.
I didn’t want to come home. I wanted to stay at the cabin. Tucked away in the mountains with my family. Away from the masks, away from the politics, away from the divisiveness, the smoke, the riots, the hate.
I wanted to stay away. Stay where there were fish to catch, cabin floors to be installed & walls to be resided with our own hands. Stay where there was a creek for the boys to splash in and room to roam and breathe and be. I still want to stay.
I’m sure I’m supposed to wrap this up with something inspirational about realizing that we can’t just run away hide from our “new normal”, but I don’t feel that way. I’m tired of “making the best of things”. This sucks. It’s heavy and hard and sad and I’m done trying to pretend that it’s not. Maybe you are too. And I think that’s ok. We are all doing the BEST we can, and probably getting criticized for it by people whose best for them looks different.
Be kind. Everyone is going through something right now. Everyone.
The Ultimate Parenting Hack.
That’s it. That’s the hack.
Raise them kind.
Virtual Show & Tell items: All-Boy-All-The-Time Edition


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