One Man Band Barber Shop

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Hayden, CO, 81639

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[10/06/20]   #Barbers
The cold is Coming! I love where I live...
💈Still got openings Wednesday, Friday or Saturday 
Make Everyday a good day
Or at least try
Enjoy your week Yampa Valley!!
Dear Yampa Valley!
[07/10/20]   Still got openings for tomorrow and Saturday get at me through messenger text me🤙🏽
[07/09/20]   It’s hot out there Yampa Valley!
Who needs there wig-split? Call me, Text me or even PM me. Have a wonderful week of life Yampa Valley 🤙🏽
💈June 21 National Go Skateboarding Day!
Enjoy your weekend everyone🤙🏽
It’s Sunday once again! Call me, PM me or txt me To make an appointment this week. Enjoy your Sunday🤙🏽
Today an Angel lost its wings!
Shout out to my boy Shmatty Chaffin Made it to The Nine Club With Chris Roberts !
Keep it up my man🤙🏽
💈It’s Sunday again who needs one ✂️
Good morning Yampa Valley ❤️ Let’s make today a good one!
[06/02/20]   Still got a few openings for Wednesday Friday and Saturday. If interested Call me, text me or PM me.
Have a wonderful Tuesday🤙🏽
✨Let it shine✨ Who wants to shine this week? It’s Sunday who needs an appointment? Text me, PM me or call🤙🏽
Well it’s Sunday again we need to make an appointment for this week?
Thank you again yet the valley!🤙🏽
Text me at eight tonight will schedule an appointment for this week

Who’s coming with me?!
Just a quick reminder for everyone coming to get a haircut!
Think about it🤙🏽
[04/03/20]   Let Aloha, not irritation, motivate what you say🤙🏽
[03/28/20]   🤙🏽 🤟🏽
All you guys!!
[03/20/20]   It’s official can’t be cutting Hair anymore. I would be looking at jail time or fines
Dear Yampa Valley
This instrument can be used for many things, but the only thing that comes to mind is not a good one. I found this on the street today while I walked my dog. I ask you all to please Inform your kids what it is and What to do if they ever see one. It’s scary to know that some people don’t care 😔
[02/07/20]   PSA : There comes a Point when you have to

realize that You’ll Never Be Good Enough For

Some People. The question is, Is that your

problem or there’s!?
[01/18/20]   I love you Yampa Valley!

So with that LOVE I want you to grab your Sons and Daughters Hug them show them LOVE and check their heads for LICE!!!
She’s a beautiful dog! but I had to call the Hayden police to come pick her up, so if you knows who’s it is she’s over there🤙🏽 Have a good weekend Yampa Valley!!
Anybody missing a dog

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