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Aveda You’ve read the reviews, now try for yourself.
Shop the invati advanced™ system for results you can see.
Aveda Results are in the routine. Discover invati advanced™ for thicker, fuller hair.
Aveda Say goodbye to hair breakage due to brushing and hello to thicker, fuller hair with our two NEW additions to our best selling Invati Advanced System:

🟪 Exfoliating Shampoo: Light - For a weightless clean, introducing a purifying shampoo for fine, thin or thinning hair.

🟪 Intensive Hair & Scalp Masque - A plant-powered masque to thicken and strengthen strands from root-to-tip while nourishing the scalp.

Mix and match these hair heroes with the rest of the Invati Advanced System to reveal thicker, fuller looking hair. Shop now on
Aveda 1 in 8 women in the U.S. will develop invasive breast cancer in her lifetime.*

Finding a cure is as important as ever.

Help turn care into a cure with our Limited Edition Cherry Almond Hand Relief Creme: $5 from every purchase will be donated to cruelty-free breast cancer research.**

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*American Cancer Society Facts and Figures 2019-2020.
**$5 (U.S.) of the purchase price of each Limited-Edition Cherry Almond Hand Relief will support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF). Maximum donation of $350,000 (U.S.).

Donations from Aveda will never support research involving animals. Dates of promotion: 9/27/20 through 9/26/21.
Revolutionary Botanical Repair hair products and services now available in Advanced Design Salon. Wondering if your hair might be in need of repair? Start by asking yourself these questions:

● Do you color or chemically treat your hair?
● Does your hair break or split?
● Are your ends rough, thinner and lighter?

If you answered mostly yes, there are three ways to get on the path to stronger, healthier-looking hair.
1. Swipe to take our hair elasticity test
2. Ask at your salon for the Botanical Repair Professional Treatment. Now available as an add on to your existing color service or a full intensive scalp and hair treatment.
3. Click here to shop the NEW Botanical Repair system:

Stronger, healthier-looking hair seen here achieved after a color, haircut to add layers and the Botanical Repair Treatment. Visibly healthier, shinier hair starts now
Aveda Got curls? We can help take your curls to the next level.

Aveda’s NEW Botanical Repair adds shine while also protecting your hair from future damage.

Want to get curls like these? Salon co-owner and stylist @salonraw_aveda recommends using New Botanical Repair as part of a hair care routine. She used:

✅ Demi Plus Shine Treatment
✅ Botanical Repair Treatment
✅ Be Curly Curl Enhancer
✅ Nutriplenish Hair Oil
Aveda Did you know your hair is composed of three key layers? These layers give hair its structure, color and shine. Botanical Repair targets damage, rebuilds bonds and works to repair three key layers of hair. Here’s how:

Botanical Repair works to multiply bonds and repair from within.

The nourishing macro green blend detangles to help prevent breakage.

The plant-derived complex mimics the hair’s outer layer to help protect hair.

Visit to learn more.
Aveda Brushing your hair just got a lot more beautiful. Botanical Repair’s 93% naturally derived* bond-building formula means that your hair is not only going to feel touchably softer, it’s going to look visibly shinier, smoother and naturally full of life.

Ask for Botanical Repair Professional Treatment at your Aveda salon OR tap to shop now and take home.

*From plants, non-petroleum minerals or water. Learn more at
Aveda REPAIR: What if your hair could look like it had never been damaged? Launching in just 2 days: get ready for our newest hair repair system that can help you achieve stronger, healthier-looking hair between salon visits.
Aveda Rethink

Rethink your choices. Coming on 9/27/20: Our revolutionary vegan, plant-derived, cruelty free, bond-building hair repair collection.
Visit to learn more.
Aveda While we can’t always control why hair loss happens, we can choose how we address it.
Maintaining the right ritual for hair loss and thinning can help reduce hair loss and help keep the hair you have longer.*

Swipe to discover our Invati Advanced ritual, starring the full collection.

*Due to breakage from brushing, after using the invati advanced™ system for 12 weeks.
Aveda In case you haven’t met Dr. Jodi, DNP, Dermatology, she’s been sharing hair loss advice all week, and today she’s giving us just what we need: hair loss tips that treat yourself to some much needed TLC.

Swipe to discover how a little self love can help your hair loss.* 💜

*Due to breakage from brushing.
Aveda This is hair on NEW Nutriplenish. Customize your hair hydration to infuse dry strands with plant-powered moisture.
Aveda Hair loss expert Dr. Jodi LoGerfo, Doctor of Nursing Practice, Dermatology, joins us for Hair Loss Awareness Month to help us explore how it happens, what it feels like and what you can do to help stop hair loss.*

Swipe to learn about common causes of hair loss, as explained by Dr. Jodi.

*Due to breakage from brushing.
Aveda ICYMI:

Earlier today Dr. Jodi LoGerfo, DNP, Dermatology and our resident hair loss expert, taught us there’s more than one face to hair loss, as she discussed the different causes and how to treat it.

Swipe to discover her must-know tips and essential products to help hair loss* and thinning. 👩‍⚕️

*Due to breakage from brushing.
Aveda Yes to superfoods; no to silicone and sulfate cleansers. NEW Nutriplenish is 94% naturally derived, cruelty-free hair care.
Aveda This is hair on NEW Nutriplenish. Customize your hair hydration to infuse dry strands with plant-powered moisture.
Aveda Meet Kia Lindroos, one of the 500K+ women who use Invati Advanced every year for thicker, fuller-looking hair. Kia walks us through her favorite products for thin or fine hair, and why she loves each one.

Watch our IGTV to discover why she loves Invati Advanced System and how it aligns with her natural lifestyle, plus learn about a few more of her essentials.

-Invati Advanced Exfoliating Shampoo
-Invati Advanced Thickening Conditioner
-Invati Advanced Scalp Revitalizer
-Brilliant Damage Control
-Volumizing Tonic
Aveda Replenish dry hair with NEW Nutriplenish, featuring organic pomegranate oil, mango butter and organic coconut.
Aveda Visibly healthier hair begins at your scalp, and it’s time you gave it some extra love. For #SelfCareSunday, we’re giving you that invigorating scalp tingle with our most-loved scalp massage ritual.
Aveda Wash and go!
Summer is the perfect time to embrace your natural curls. Swipe for our curly girl routine that’ll define wavy or curly hair, and discover more about our can’t-live-without Be Curly collection below.

1) Be Curly Shampoo: cleanses naturally curly or wavy hair
2) Be Curly Co-Wash: opt for this instead of Be Curly Shampoo to give more moisture to your curls and gently cleanse your scalp
3) Be Curly Conditioner: conditions wavy or curly hair by nourishing to help reduce frizz and increase shine
4) Be Curly Curl Enhancer: intensifies natural curls and helps reduce frizz
Aveda Do you have the right summer ritual for your colored treated hair? Treat it to some self-care and help protect your hair from fading with our Color Conserve ritual.

Swipe for our guide to keeping your color vibrant for longer*.

*When using the color conserve™ shampoo and conditioner system.
Aveda Replenish dry hair with NEW Nutriplenish, featuring organic pomegranate oil, mango butter and organic coconut.
Aveda Replenish dry hair with NEW Nutriplenish, featuring organic pomegranate oil, mango butter and organic coconut.
Aveda Many of us carry stress in our back. And after non-stop video meetings or chasing little ones, your back probably needs some extra care.

We love using our Stress-Fix Composition Oil during Viparita Karani, or Legs Up the Wall, our favorite restorative yoga pose, to help restore soothing circulation to lower back and legs.

Here’s How:
· Massage the oil on your back where you feel tension.
· Sit down facing a wall, then lie on your side in an “L” shape.
· Swing your legs up high and place them on the wall. Bring your body closer to the wall so your heels and bottom are right against it.
· Rest your head on the ground. Keep your spine straight and knees unlocked.
· Rest your arms out to your sides. Relax your eyes and jaw.
· Allow the tip of your tongue to rest on the roof of your mouth for a few breaths.
· To come out of this pose, slowly bring your legs down to your right side. Take a few breaths, then sit upright and slowly rise to stand.
Aveda Can’t live without your hot styling tools?

Swipe for an easy step-by-step guide to using our paraben-free Nutriplenish Leave-In Conditioner and help protect your hair from heat damage while styling.
Aveda We shared our expert nightly ritual for hand care, but what about a daily routine?

After gardening or any daily activity that puts stress on the hands, reach for soothing after-care with our Hand Relief Moisturizing Creme for soft, nourished skin.

Sustainability Tip: At Aveda, we’re proud to use post-consumer recycled waste as packaging materials. We love how our community goes even further and creatively upcycles empty Aveda containers for a little inside gardening.
[05/15/20]   Family & Friends promotion 25% off May 14 - 20 at the Advanced Design Salon.
Get an amazing experience!
Aveda The best wisdom. The greatest hugs. Moms always know exactly what you need.

Treat your mom to an e-gift card so she can get exactly what she wants, like our vegan nourishing Nutriplenish collection for her lushest, healthiest-looking hair.
Aveda Today is Giving Tuesday, a day to unite in support of communities and organizations vital to their success.

The Salon and Spa Relief Fund does this by helping independently owned salons and spas survive crises and continue their fundamental role in the culture of neighborhoods they serve.

Join Aveda and give at, by adding a donation during checkout at, or by gifting Pure PrivilegeSM Points.
Aveda Aveda Tips
Self-care for stress-related hair loss

This week, we’re diving into the causes of hair loss.

We all feel the effects of stress on our mind and body, but did you know it can visibly affect your hair, resulting in hair loss and thinning?

Swipe to discover how we’re conquering hair loss with self-care and our Invati Advanced System.
Aveda The Wisest. Coolest. Kindest.

Give your #originalinfluencer an e-gift card for the cruelty-free hair and skin care she loves. Need more gift ideas? Our softening and nourishing Cherry Almond and Nutriplenish collections are the perfect places to start.

Click here to shop our e-gift cards:
Aveda Mom knows best, which is why our iconic gluten-free, silicone-free, vegan Cherry Almond collection is the perfect choice for Mother’s Day. Shop online at

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