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What a day to celebrate and rejoice in staying educated! Let’s share knowledge!
Drop your favorite books!!! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
EXTENSIONS BABY! Be sure to swipe for Kaylas before. Dreamy length for this queens wedding! 🤍

#denverstylist #denversalon #denverextensions #denverhair #denverhairextensions
We had the BEST grand opening. Thank you to everyone who came out and celebrated with us. Is been a tough week for me personally and it means the world that so many people showed up. 🤍thank you for the love and support, from the bottom of my heart!

Stay tuned to find out if you won the raffle!!!
We’re just madly in love with Kaylas wedding extensions install! 🤍 swipe to get at that before pic!
First event of many many more!!
Please join us for our first new moon meditation in our new space!! Tuesday September 15th 6:30 pm. Follow the link in our bio to reserve your space and get all the info.
Hello beauties!!

Time to seek some fresh air and disconnect from this social world.
We invite you to take a few days away from social media with us!! Much needed break to check back into our minds and bodies and see what’s missing and what we need.
During this time we will not be checking our dm’s or comments. Online booking will be opened up so please feel free to jump online and scheduled, or email us should you need immediate assistance we will be checking email ONE time per day.
Xoxo- with all the love and light.
Could she get any cuter?!? This was a MAJOR chop for this cutie. And we took our platinum vibes to some vivid violet vibes, and as per usual. OBSESSED.
Have you guys been to the Denver Botanic Gardens?! What a beautiful peaceful places to rejuvenate after a week. Highly recommend a dose of self care here!
When’s the last time you watered yourself? We need so much self love during stressful times! We’re bringing some Incredible self love events to the salon.. STAY TUNED.
When you’re just STOKED on your new cute. 8 inches lighter and it feels GOOOD.
Wow! Did you follow this transformation with us?! Swipe to follow the beautiful upgrade we got this lovely yesterday! 🤍 @ Chemistry Hair Lab
Are you struggling with the #maskne ?! Cause we sure are and this is LITERALLY healing it. Using this CBD face oil as a moisturizer daily has changed the game! DM us to order yours today!
Are you struggling with #maskne ?! We have the most AMAZING solution from @luaskincare. It’s MAGIC. Dm us to learn more!!
Our beautiful radiant friend got a blonde pick me up and we’re super into it!
What do you all think?!
This could not have more power right now!
What have you been doing for our current civil rights movement..? Or do you need some guidance!? Inspire someone else in the comments below, or ask us about ways you can help!!👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
Today was our first day open! And we got to do dreamy hair on the very beautiful @hanna.ingram, so good to see you mama! 💖 @ Englewood, Colorado

As I open this new space, I’ve been thinking a lot about dreams and how we achieve them, and how we make things happen. People often ask me “how do you do all these crazy things and adventures” and the short answer is, I just make it happen! When I get something in my mind, and really dream about it, I go for it and do whatever it takes to make it happen. Money comes and goes and we always figure it out. The dream is what pushes things to happen.

What are your wildest dreams?! And are you perusing them?! 👇🏼👇🏼 WERE MOVING!! Make sure you click and read through to get the update on the move. 💖
Did you guess it?!
I am SO excited to finally announce that this right here is the face of our new salon!!
I can’t thank you all enough for being apart of my Journey. This is the biggest jump I’ve taken in my career and I am beyond excited to share this space with all of you. I really think you’re going to love it!!
This opportunity opens so many doors for us to expand what we currently offer to our wonderful community. I wouldn’t be here without the amazing support of my clients and friends.
We have already been working so hard to get this space ready and there are still a few things left to do.
Stay tuned for more information about your future appointments, we still have more exciting things to share! 💖🤞🏽
Ps. Be on the look out for texts/emails/posts about this amazing space and when you can expect to have your next appointment here.
A few years back we decided to cut any association to gender in our pricing!
We would love to know your pronouns so we can connect with you properly!
Did you also know we offer FREE, hair, makeup, and personal styling lessons for our transgender community?! DM for more information!
Be it change, or constant, just embrace it!
This beauty and I go WAY back and she’s got natural red and we’ve always fought it, but lately we’ve decided to embrace it and own the warmth. And she ROCKS it.
What do you think?
We have B I G news!!!!
Comment your guesses on what the news is and the winner(s) will get a service gift card!
Did I mention how E X C I T E D I am?! Can’t wait to share with you guys!
This was SO F U N !
And how freakin cute is she?!?
Love, love, love Havin old friends in the salon for really fun new looks. Especially when they pull out all the stops being an instagram model 😍
Happy P R I D E month!
I am a Queer, woman owned, small business! I remind myself constantly of how badass and amazing that is. I will always stand with my community and fight for the best world for A L L humans to live in! The best thing we can do is close our eyes and just L O V E, one another, to the depths of our souls without hesitation. To love without looking removes tie option to judge something that our eyes might see and try to close our minds. With closed eyes we are not color, we are not gender, we are not size, we are just HUMAN and without a visual we connect energetically and remove all judgments because we must rely on something deeper, and more special to learn who someone is.
Sadly we live in a world where we must back track, and now is the time that we step up and care deeper for those who need it most, who have been deprived in ways that we cannot fathom.
I invite you to take this month and set yourselves aside. Reach out and take care of someone who deserves more than life has offered them.
We 💖 blondes!
Who’s ready for a summer blonde pop?!
We have EXCITING things coming!!
Like, HUGE news.
We’ll leak a little, we’ve fallen in love with a skin care line @luaskincare and we’re bringing it in! SO EXCITED, want some?!?
Wanna see her before?!?
What about her pure joy of excitement?!?
Take a little swipe to check it out, still obsessed with how this turned out!! @ Fierce45
Fill your shoes with the direction you need to head.

After all, it is only YOU who can lead the way.
But did you know we do extensions?

Stay tuned for more cuties of Ms. Leah who could hardly stand still in excitement about her new beautiful hair!

Who wants more info about zero damage hand-tied extensions?!?
What if 2020 wasn’t cancelled but was the most important year of them all? The year we’ve been waiting for, so uncomfortable, so painful, so scary, so raw that it finally forces us to grow.
In efforts to show our support to the BLM movement, 25% of our product sales will be going to the cause! We will stand up with our community and demand justice!! @blcklivesmatterfund
Please make sure to let us know what products you’re looking for before you come in, so we can insure they are in stock!
Please take a moment of silence with us.
Heart ache has been the theme, our hearts are broken over the injustice in our country and we must stand together, something HAS to change. We are responsible to care for one another, No one human deserves less of a chance, less of a life than any other - many businesses say “don’t get political” but we will! We love you, we support you, we stand guard for you.
Racism is the only thing that should die.
Jump on board with us, and ask us how you can do your part. 🖤
Who wants to sample some new things?!?

COMMENT BELOW if you want to receive some yummy stuff to share your feedback with us!
It’s opening week and we’re excited!! Be sure you know what’s up coming back! Link in the comments! Make sure you know how to arrive ready for your appointment! Hello everyone! It’s finally time to get back into the salon, I am sure you are all very excited. As always health and safety are most important as we move forward back into our space.

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