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[09/20/19]   Please go friend request this page! I post all of my work and my availability!
[10/07/18]   I am rarely on this page, please go โ€œfriendโ€ my Tonie At Exquisite page to see my availability and/or to make an appointment. The notifications for this page get buried in my personal page notifications!
There is much more activity over on the page mentioned above! ๐Ÿ’œ
[03/07/18]   I am being induced on March 15/16th. So my last day at work is March 13th. ๐ŸŽ€I am currently booked until then. I will be back Mid-April from maternity and will be working only part
Time to start. So itโ€™ll be by appointment only.

I will post if something changes ๐Ÿ˜Š
Here is an updated schedule. Not many appointments available before I leave for Maternity. ๐ŸŽ€
[01/10/18]   I am more consistently on my page Tonie At Exquisite!! So check there for schedule availability, before and after pictures and updates!
[04/17/17]   Please go "friend" my Tonie At Exquisite page! I update my availability and my work regularly on that page!
[02/04/17]   *********UPDATED FEBRUARY 3rd********

Here is my availability now until MARCH!! These are the earliest, and latest I am available...


Saturday 4th-- Booked
Tuesday 7th-- 12:30-2:30 haircuts or colors
Wednesday 8th--2:30pm-4:30 haircut or colors
Thursday 9th--Booked
Friday 10th--Booked
Saturday 11th-3:00pm haircut or color
Tuesday 14th-- 1:30pm or 4:00pm haircut or color
Wednesday 15th--10:15-5:30pm haircut or color
Thursday 16th 9:00-12:30pm haircut or color
Friday 17th--Booked
Saturday 18th 9:45am, or 11:45pm haircut or color
Tuesday 21st--11-5:30pm haircut or color
Wednesday 22nd--9-12:30pm haircut or color
Thursday 23rd--11:00-12:30pm haircut or color
Friday 24th-11:00-12:30pm haircut or color
Saturday 25th--11:00-4:00pm haircut or color
Tuesday 28th--10:30am-12:30pm haircut or color

Wednesday 1st--9-12:30pm haircut or colors
Thursday 2nd-- 1:30pm or 2:00pm haircut only
Friday 3rd-- 9:00a or 1:00pm haircut or colors, or 3:30pm
Saturday 4th-- 9:00 or 1:00-2:00pm haircut or color
Tuesday 7th-- 9-12:30pm haircut or color
Wednesday 8th-- 11-12:30pm haircut or color
Thursday 9th-- 11:30-3:00pm or 5:30pm haircut or colors
Friday 10th--11-5:30pm haircut or color
Saturday 11th--9-4:00pm haircut or color
Tuesday 14th--9:00-12:30pm haircut or color
Wednesday 15th-- 10:30am-12:30pm haircut or color
Thursday 16th-- 9:00-5:30pm haircut or color
Friday 17th-- 9:00-5:30pm haircut or color
Saturday 18th--9:00-4:00pm haircut or color
Here is my latest available appointments!
For #Breastcancerawarenes #pink #october
Timeline Photos
Timeline Photos
[09/18/16]   Just updated***My availability as of September 17th

Tuesday 20th- booked
Wednesday 21st 2:00pm haircut
Thursday 22nd- 10:00,11:00, 12:00, 12:30 color
Friday 23rd- Booked
Tuesday 27th 11:30, 12, or 12:30pm color or haircuts
Wednesday 28th- 12:30pm haircut or colors
Thursday' 29th- 9am
Friday 30th- 11:30am color, 2pm haircut.
Timeline Photos
Timeline Photos
Makeup makeup.
Timeline Photos
Timeline Photos
Timeline Photos
Photos from Tonie at Exquisite Beauty Salon's post
Tonie at Exquisite Beauty Salon
Timeline Photos
Photos from Tonie at Exquisite Beauty Salon's post
Photos from Tonie at Exquisite Beauty Salon's post
[08/12/16]   These are my only appointments through the end of the month:
17th -- 10:00am or 1:30pm haircut only
23rd-- 11:30am-2pm color or haircuts
24th-- 12:00 or 1pm color or haircuts
25th--11:30am color or cut. 4:30pm haircut only
26th & 27th-- Booked.
30th-- 1:00pm color or haircut.
31st-- 9:00-1:00pm color or haircut
September 1st--11:30am color
2nd/3rd/4th/5th/6th Booked/Out of State wedding party.
Timeline Photos
Timeline Photos
Makeup done by me!
Timeline Photos
Timeline Photos
Timeline Photos
Photos from Tonie at Exquisite Beauty Salon's post
Timeline Photos
Timeline Photos
Timeline Photos
Timeline Photos

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