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British Hairways is back at its new location!! Not as glamorous but I think it will do the job!! Taking appointments still via the website. The new venue will be included in your confirmation email.
[09/17/20]   It's a sad day for British Hairways. After 7 years I am going to have to call it a day. It was a good run. With all of the hardships that have been faced in the recent years and especially 2020, and due to another rent increase, I just cannot sustain the business any longer.

On a positive note. I will continue to cut hair for those of you that are willing to travel. I will keep it to a Sunday but it will be from my home so less overheads and also less glamorous set up! If this is something of interest to you then please email me at [email protected] to confirm an appointment. It will be the same schedule as before, every other Sunday.

My last day will be September 20th, 2020.

Also keep Rosie in your prayers as she is affected too by the closure. The web site will remain up for a while and her number is on there if you wish to contact her. I have appreciated having Rosie there and looking after the business for so long, especially in my absence.

Thank you for your tremendous support over the years and I understand if the drive is too much for you to consider. I know after the last four years of commuting that it becomes tiring!

All the best,

[08/27/20]   Looks like change is in the works again. Seems like I will be back to working Sundays instead of Mondays starting from 09/06/2020. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Just trying to juggle both jobs and keep everyone happy!!

[08/06/20]   British Hairways has a date change. I will be there Sunday September 6th opposed to Monday September 7th due to work commitments. When booking an appointment with me please, just for that day, Choose provider 'Gareth Sunday'.
[06/01/20]   Due to the ongoing events in Denver Gareth will NOT be at BH Monday June 1st 2020. First job commitments take priority. Thank you for your understanding and sorry for the inconvenience caused. If all events clear up I will try to schedule a make up day for the cancelled appointments.

[04/25/20]   Good day,

Hopefully this post finds you all healthy and safe. As of yet I have not heard of when I can reopen for sure. There should be guidelines coming out regarding how I can reopen. These guidelines are not county specific but statewide due to DORA overseeing what can and cannot be resumed. DORA, for those that are not familiar, is the governing body of licenses. I have to follow their recommendations or face having my license suspended and the shop being closed for a longer period of time. With all that being said I am hoping to reopen on May 4th. Yes I know that is a Monday. Just another twist in the story, it seems that every other Monday will be the day that I (Gareth) am there. Long story short changes within my first job schedule has lead to changes in BH opening days. Rosie will still be there on her usual days and her number is on the website to reach her

Please utilize the appointment system online. A majority of the time I cannot answer the barbershop phone and it doesn't have the ability for me to listen to voicemails. Please book online or email me if needed at [email protected].

Hopefully I will be open and see you all soon.

Stay healthy,

[03/20/20]   British Hairways has just been forced to close down via State order. Sorry for the inconvenience. The mandatory closure due to the covid - 19 virus is in effect until April 30th as of now. I'll post as I find out more information. Stay healthy.

[09/09/19]   Okay I am going on vacation between october 18th and November 3rd. As this will make appointments almost non existent for 6 weeks i am going to work two double Sundays in a row which will be October 6th and 13th then November 10th and 17th. This should help lessen the waiting period between haircuts. Hope to see you all soon.


P.s don't forget Rosie is also at the shop as an alternative.
[09/02/19]   Lots of appointments available September 8th. Need to keep this venture worthwhile. Hope to see some people soon!! P.s I'm back FYI ;)
[08/21/19]   I am in this Sunday August 25th. I will not be in the next Sunday which is the 1st of September. I will be in again on the following Sunday the 8th but not the Sunday after that. Badically every other Sunday. Hope this helps with the appointment system. Unfortunately the appointment system allows you to book every Sunday. The calendar on the website has the Sunday's that I am in as a cross reference tool to check that the appointments correspond with the days I am there. Trying not to have people upset eith me for booking an appointment when I'm not going to be there.
[08/03/19]   Please look at the Calendar before booking. Gareth is in every other Sunday. I cannot make the appointment dates reflect that and as a result it allows you to book every sunday. The reason the calendar is there is so you can see the days Gareth is there and then choose that date to find appointments. There are people booking appointments for days that Gareth is not going to be there and British Hairways does not want any one to be disappointed. Thank you for taking the time to check the dates prior to booking. Have a great weekend. British Hairways Bailey's Award Winning Barbershop located on US 285 The appointment system is finally working as it should be. Please log onto and use the appointment sytem to make your reservations. Please check with the online calendar first before booking your appointment to make sure I am there. The only fault in the appointment system is that it allows you to book every Sunday however I am only in every other Sunday. As my arm gets stronger I will add more appointments and bring the 40 mins appointment slots down to 30 or 25 etc. Hope to see you all soon. British Hairways, the best true Barber Shop in Bailey, Colorado and the Highway 285 mountain corridor. I trained as a Barber in England, where I won Barber of the Year twice, and have currently been in the industry for over 24 years. I am very well qualified in all aspects of gents cuts including Fl...
[06/26/19]   Good day all. The website is giving me issues and at this point I'm thinking of closing the website down and just doing business on this page. Please call me for appointments on British Hairways phone number 303 519 1260 to book an appointment. I am next in on Sunday June 30th 2019 from 10 am until 4pm. The 10am appointment is booked. The appointments are every 40 mins. So 1040, 1120, 1200, 1240, 1320, 1400, 1440, 1520 and 1600 are all still left. Hope to see you all soon.
[06/11/19]   Good morning. The appointment system should be up and running correctly by the end of today. Sorry for the glitches. Technology can be frustrating at times.
[06/01/19]   Okay all British Hairways has an online appointment schedule that you can sign up on. If you want to cancel the appointment then call me on BH phone and I'll remove you. Please cancel if you cant make it. I will be starting on June 16th and then every OTHER Sunday. Please make sure you book on the correct Sunday as I dont want anyone to be disappointed if they book an appointment and show up when I'm not scheduled to be there. The times will be from 10 am and the last appointment being at 315pm as I am having to ease myself back into barbering gently. Hopefully I'll be back to normal.soon enough and things can revert back to normal. Thank you again for all of your understanding.

[05/12/19]   Good day British Hairways faithful. I havent posted in a long time but here I am!! I am planning on coming back to British Hairways on June 16th if all continues to go well. However I will have to implement some changes to begin with. Starting June 16th I will be in every other Sunday from 10 am until 4pm. I WILL NOT be accepting walk ins at this time. This is due to one not knowing how I will hold up cutting hair again as it is early days and I dont want to disappoint people. So I am going to implement a appointment system that can be signed up via the website. They will be every 45 minutes so my strength can come back between haircuts. The appointment calender will be placed on the website soon. I am not entirely sure how this will work as if yet but I am hoping to have a way that the public can access it and put their name in the slots. Once a name has been placed in there it will be locked and the only way to unlock it will be to text me so I can open it up again. Well that's the idea but we will see how it goes creating the calender. Thank you for your continued patience with me during this difficult time period and a big thanks to Rosie Wiley for keeping British Hairways open in my absence. Check back in and I will keep you all updated when the appointment system is live.

[01/16/19]   Okay. Another surgery February 26th. Hopefully this one will fix me and I will be able to return to BH. That's the hope anyway.
[01/12/19]   Sorry everyone for being so quiet lately. It has been nothing but frustrating news lately. I have to have another surgery to try and fix whatever is causing the lack of strength in my right arm. I hope this next surgery will fix me and I can return to British Hairways. Hopefully by the time I return I will still have a clientele base to return to! If not I understand and will take a decision on whether it is viable to return at all. Sorry for not being able to be there for you all and I thank you all for you past, present and hopefully future patronage.

[11/18/18]   Sorry all that I haven't posted in a while. Things have been rough. I have another injection in my neck to see if that will help as I still do not have full use of my right arm. I have the injection on Tuesday and the doctor thinks that this will do the trick to either remove the inflammation or scar tissue that is causing the nerves to still be compressed. Sorry I have been gone so long and thank you to Rosie for keeping the place open in my absence.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

[09/10/18]   Well things are not looking great at the moment. Little progress in the healing. Unable to return to work or British Hairways. Reevaluate on October 10th. I cannot express how sorry I am for not being able to be there for you all. It is my intention to get back though at some point and start building up the business all over again. I will keep you posted as I know more.

Also don't forget Rosie is available at British Hairways for haircuts, just not Flat Tops.

[08/15/18]   Just a quick update. Starting physical therapy soon after a successful disc replacement. Arm is not fully functional yet but is improving so I'm hoping for a full recovery. If so I should be back in about 6 weeks or less though. Sorry for the long wait.
[07/28/18]   Recovering at the moment. See surgeon for follow up August 10th. Should know more then. Once I'm back to light duties and if arm is working I will be back to cutting. Hopefully sooner than later.
[07/24/18]   Alright going under the knife at 745 am tomorrow the 24th. I will post an update when I can. Hoping to make a quick recovery and return soon to British Hairways.
[07/12/18]   Bad news for me and British Hairways. I have to have Surgery to remove and replace one or two discs in my neck. Not sure on the recovery time as of yet. As soon as I know I will post a possible time that I will be back. Sorry for the inconvenience. I am just as upset about it all too.
[06/27/18]   Other news. Joanne Muth will no longer be at British Hairways. Let's just say things didn't work out....
Bad news for Gareth and British Hairways. Sorry people Gareth is going to out and unavailable to cut hair for an unknown period of time. Due to a herniated disc in his neck and the inability to use his right arm at present. Gareth is at a specialist and will keep you all update as soon as he can raise his arm again to cut. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Third disc in neck on MRI
[01/28/18]   I am here today. It's a ghost town lol. Noone at British Hairways. Sorry if I scared you all away!!
[01/22/18]   Good day all. I will be in on Sunday January 28th, from 10 am until 5 pm. I have to change my hours slightly from here on out due to other scheduling issues that have arisen. These hours will be my regular hours from now on for every Sunday that I am there. As always thank you for your continuing support and understanding. See you all Sunday!

[01/12/18]   I will be at Britishhairways this Sunday January 14th at 10 am until 6pm. Hope to see all I can.
[12/17/17]   I will be in tomorrow 12/17/17. Come get your xmas do!!
[11/11/17]   Good morning. Sorry I have got my dates wrong. I won't be at British Hairways tomorrow the 12th but I will be there for Novemeber 19th. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

As always there is Rosie as an alternative and Joanne for the ladies now.

See you next week.

[10/06/17]   Good day, all,

I will be at the barbershop this Sunday Oct 8th from 10am until 6pm. Come by and get your pre Colombus day haircut to look sharp for the holiday!!

See you all Sunday.
[09/20/17]   I will be in on Sunday 24th from 10 am until 6pm. Hope to see everyone I can then.

[09/10/17]   I will be in tomorrow the 10th from 10 am until 6pm. See you all then.
[08/26/17]   I will be in tomorrow Sunday 27th at 10 am. See you all soon.

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